Singapore Network Information
Centre (SGNIC) Pte Ltd

Consultation on:
(1) Sale of .sg Domain Names; and
(2) Registration Criteria of Application for Domain Names

A consultation was launched from May to June 2019 on proposed policy changes regarding the resale of .sg domain names and the registration criteria for domain names. The consultation was sent out to .sg registrants as well as accredited registrars. 29 responses were received. Out of these responses, about half of the respondents objected strongly to the idea of allowing sales of .sg to take place and expressed serious concerns of possibly encouraging cybersquatting and rising prices, whilst the other half was open to the idea. 

Only 28% of the respondents commented on the possible relaxation of Out of these, 25% objected to the idea and the remaining were either neutral or open to the idea. 

SGNIC has given due consideration to the feedback and comments received and will maintain the status quo of its current policies. SGNIC would like to thank all respondents once again who provided their valuable views in this consultation process.