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Overview of SMS Sender ID Registry ("SSIR")

The SSIR was set up in March 2022 to enable organisations to protect their customers from receiving fraudulent SMS messages that spoofed the organisations’ SMS Sender IDs. The registry is operated by the Singapore Network Information Centre (“SGNIC”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Infocomm Media Development Authority (“IMDA”). 

In October 2022, IMDA finalised the decision on the proposal for the Full SMS Sender ID Registry Regime (the “Full SSIR Regime”). The decision has been published on IMDA’s website.

Full SSIR Regime
Under the Full SSIR Regime, from 31 January 2023 onwards, all organisations intending to use alpha/numeric/alphanumeric Sender IDs in their SMS messages to Singapore mobile users must first register the Sender IDs via the SSIR portal. All non-registered Sender IDs will be marked as “Likely-SCAM”.

What You Need To Do
You may register your Sender ID(s) via the SSIR portal on a first-come-first-served basis following the Rules of Registration

You will first need to create an account in the portal before you can log-in to register your Sender ID(s). Before you create your account, please ensure that you have the following information ready: 
  1. Organisation’s registered name, registered address & Unique Entity Number ("UEN") based on Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority ("ACRA") record.
  2. Full name, contact number & email address of the person designated as your organisation’s Admin account holder in the portal. The Admin account holder in the portal will be able to create other User accounts for your organisation.
  3. Name of SMS aggregator(s) that your organisation works with to deliver your SMS messages. You must ensure that the SMS aggregators you work with are Participating Aggregators ("PA") in the SSIR. The list of PAs can be found here.
  4. List of Sender ID(s) you intend to register for your organisation.
  5. Organisation’s Corppass for company verification purposes.
You will need to accept the Terms & Conditions and SSIR User Agreement to create an account via the SSIR portal. SGNIC will review your application after your account is created. Once your account is approved, your Admin account holder will receive an email notification. You will thereafter be able to log-in to the portal and register your Sender ID(s). 

Prevailing Fees & Billing
There will be a one-time setup fee of S$500 for each registered organisation, and an annual charge of S$200 for each registered Sender ID. Prices are listed before prevailing Goods & Services Tax. Please refer to SSIR User Agreement, Clause 4 and ANNEX: Fee and Fee Payment Schedule for more details. 

For further information, please refer to our FAQs.
If you have further queries, please reach out to us at [email protected].