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IPOS-SGNIC domain name reservation programme FAQ


Who will qualify for the free .sg name?
With effective from 9th June 2016, each completed IP application for Trademark, Patent or Design made on IPOS’ IP2SG eservice system will be eligible for a free .sg or domain name subject to adherence of domain rules of registration.  The name must be reserved on IP2SG System with a unique system’s issued application number.  Local and foreign applicant, individual or company, is able to reserve a free .sg name without leaving the IP2SG system. 

Only domain names ending with “” or “.sg” is applicable for this programme. If the applicant is a corporate body,  “” or “.sg” is available for reservation.  If the applicant is an individual, only “.sg” is available for reservation.  Please read the category rules before selecting.  

The person handling the IP application (Filer) on IP2SG holding a SingPass will be the administrative contact for the domain name.  The Singapore contact details of the Filer required for IP application on IP2SG will be used for the domain reservation.
How do I reserve a domain name?
Upon completion of filing an application on IP2SG and payment made, an application number will be issued.  With this application number, you will be shown the option to reserve a domain name on IP2SG :

To reserve a domain name:
(a) First check if the domain name (ending with "" or ".sg") you want is available for reservation with a domain name availability check on IP2SG system. Do note that the domain name needs to be in Roman alphabets and numbers only. Remember to check on domain category rules to decide on which extension for your reserve name, click here for the details.

(b) If the name is available, it will be listed as "available for reservation" on IP2SG system.  The filer’s details with IP2SG will be automatically filled as the appointed Administrator of the reserved domain name.  The information of IP2SG application number, Filer’s NRIC/FIN/UEN number will be furnished to SGNIC’s system for the reserved name.   Additional information such as IP Owner’s (or applicant) contact details will be required for the reservation and you will be guided on the system as to where to input the information.

(c) After you have successfully reserved your domain name, to use the domain name you will need to "activate" the reserved name with any participating registrars within 90 calendar days from reservation. Click here for the list of participating registrars and their contact details.  Please also read Q10 on "If I have reserved a domain name, how do I activate the reserved domain name?"
If I have missed the opportunity to reserve a domain name, can I still reserve a domain name?
Yes, you may re-enter IP2SG system and follow the portal’s guidance to reserve a name.
Can I reserve more than one domain name?
No, you can only reserve one domain name for each application number issued by IP2SG, for either “” or “.sg”
Can I reserve a "", "" or "" domain name?
No, this programme is for “” and “.sg” domain name extension in *Roman alphabets and numbers only.  For the rest of the extensions such as "", "", or "", please register directly with any of SGNIC’s accredited domain name registrars. Please click here for the list of accredited registrars.

*Alphabets and/or numbers combination that are permitted and not on premium list.
How much does it cost to reserve a domain name?
No fee is charged for reserving a domain name (ending with "" or ".sg") under this programme.

To use the domain name, however, you will need to "activate" the reserved domain name with any participating registrars within 90 calendar days of reservation.  For example, if a domain name was reserved on 9 June 2016, the domain name can be activated by 7 September 2016 without a fee.  If the domain name is not activated, the reservation will be removed.

Please also read Q10 on “If I have reserved a domain name, how do I activate the reserved domain name?".
What happens after the reservation period?
Reservation must be made via IP2SG system with a validity of 90 calendar days to activate the reserved name.  Do note that your reservation will lapse if no activation is made within the reservation period. At the end of the reservation period, the reserved domain name will be purged and made available for registration by any party on a first-come-first-served basis.  In addition, you will not be able to re-use the same application number to reserve another name.
I have forgotten whether my reservation period has ended. What should I do?
If you have reserved the domain name via IP2SG system, go to and at the top right corner of this website, type the domain name in the “Whois” box and click "Go". In the search result page, the "Expired Date" will show the reservation end date of the reserved domain name, which is 90 calendar days from the day of reservation on IP2SG. Alternatively, you may approach any participating registrars or contact SGNIC hotline at (65) 6659 2534 or email [email protected] to seek clarification.
Do I have to pay after the reservation period ends?
No, there will be no penalty payment for not activating your reserved domain name. 
If I have reserved a domain name, how do I activate the reserved domain name?
To activate the domain name you have reserved, please approach any participating registrars with the following information to retrieve the reserved name:
a) The reserved domain name ( or .sg);
b) IPOS application number and; 
c) The identity number of administrator (The filer on IPOS system who has a Singapore NRIC, FIN or UEN).

Please also read Q12 on “How much do I have to pay to activate the reserved domain name?
I have forgotten the domain name that I have reserved. What should I do?
If you wish to activate your domain name, but you are unable to recall the domain name that you have reserved, please contact any of the participating registrars or SGNIC hotline at (65) 6659 2534 or email [email protected] for more information.  Please provide the IP2SG application number and Filer’s NRIC, FIN or UEN number to facilitate checking.
How much do I have to pay to activate the reserved domain name?
There is no cost to activate the reserved domain name for name reserved through IP2SG system.  Both registrars and SGNIC are unable to reserve or activate a name if the name is not reserved through IP2SG system. 

There is no cost to activate the reserved domain name. However, please note that both registrars and SGNIC are unable to activate a name if the name is not reserved through IP2SG. And, reservation of domain name under this programme has to be made in IP2SG.
What is the role of the filer or filing agent in activation of domain name?
The filer or filing agent for the IP application  will act as the administrative contact for the reservation and activation of the domain name.  The administrative contact will need to ensure the fulfilment of requirement of category rules of the name extension ( or .sg).  To read more about category rules please click here.

In addition please note that with effect from 2 May 2013, all new and .sg names registered will have to undergo compulsory verification using SingPass. The verification is to be carried out by the administrative contact of a domain name.  Click for [email protected] for more information on the verification of domain name.
What happen after 1 year?

You may renew the domain name at the prevailing fee of the registrar who activated and maintained your domain name.   Please check on registrar’s website for their prevailing fee.