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Numeric Domain Name


What is a Numeric Domain Name (NDN)?
A NDN is a domain name made up of purely numbers. E.g. or
How do I register for NDN?

If the name is available, you can register it with any of SGNIC’s accredited registrars <link to>.   It is on a first-come-first-served basis for all NDN made up of 4 digits or more, in any combination of digits.  All 6 extensions of names are available for NDN subject to approval for some of the categories such as,, etc.

The application is almost real time unless it falls into pragmatic application that requires SGNIC to manually approve.  In such a case, the name applied is put on hold until a decision is made.  If approved, the name will be assigned to the applicant; if not, the name will be purged for general availability. 

I have an existing domain name with a registrar. Must I go back to the same registrar to apply for the NDN?

No, you may approach any of SGNIC’s accredited registrars to register for a NDN.

Is there a limit to the number of digits for NDN?

Maximum number of digits for NDN is 63 digits which is the maximum length allowed for a domain name.