Intellectual Property of Singapore (IPOS) has launched its IPOS Go mobile app’s 4-in-1 Brand Search Service in April 2021.  Brand Search is intended to help businesses and entrepreneurs decide on a suitable business and brand name by providing a quick search for similar business names, trademarks, available domain names and social media usernames. Through this easy-to-use search function, users will be able to view consolidated results from these four categories by conducting a single search on the IPOS Go mobile app. This is a useful tool for new businesses seeking to build a brand, as it provides an overview of the availability of a potential brand name, online and offline.

SGNIC, being the registry for .sg domain name, is here to help you check and find a suitable registrar to register your prefer domain name.   You are able to quickly check and choose from an option of 7 different extensions of domain name for commercial usage.  Each extension serves a different purpose for your brand name, for example, is widely used by companies and businesses in Singapore while .sg is an extension that can be registered by both individual as well as organisation.  There is also a choice of using Chinese and Tamil words for your name (such as 我是.sg) as well as an option of character-based extensions of .新加坡 and  .சிங்கப்பூர் (such as我是.新加坡 or Iam. 新加坡). Do note the registration requirement for each extension, read it here.

You can check the availability of your preferred name in the “Whois” search box at the top right hand corner of this page. Be sure to put in your preferred name and the extension in the box provided.  An example of how to input your search name is given below, put a dot between the name (eg SGNIC) and the extension (eg .SG) of your choice:
WHOIS Search eg for 4-in-1

To register the available name of your choice, please select one of the accredited registrars.