Have you heard of famous numeric domain name such as www.1234.com.au? This is a telephone directory service in Australia. Another is www.2020.net which is a sales portal of a leading designer in America. In Taiwan, delicious food are listed on www.1111.com.tw.

Sometimes numbers communicate as well as alphabets! It is short and easy to remember! For example, in the Chinese community, the number “8” is an auspicious number with the meaning of prosperity.  Or, if your telephone number ends with 6266 you might want the similar number for your website such as www.6266.sg!

Numeric domain names are available for all domain extensions like .sg, com.sg, net.sg, edu.sg, org.sg, and per.sg. However, you first need to ensure that you fully satisfy the criteria for registering under that category. To understand the registration rule, please click here.

How to apply? Simply go select one of SGNIC’s accredited registrars to check on availability and get the registrar to apply for your preferred numeric name(s).  Prevailing registration fee will apply. For more information, please read FAQ on numeric domain names.

There is also a special category of Numeric Name which is limited and special.  They are the 1 digit, 2 digits and 3 digits numeric name, such as 1.com.sg or 66.sg.  We called these Premium Numeric Domain Name.

To find out more on Premium Numeric Domain Name, please click on the FAQ.

Act now! Be creative with a numeric domain name!