With effect from 2 May 2012, SGNIC will further restrict the amount of contact information available via .SG WHOIS display. Prior to this, in June 2005, SGNIC removed the display of email address and phone numbers for the Registrant, Administrative Contact and Billing Contact. Specifically, the following information will be removed.

Registrant Contact Removal of mailing address
Administrative Contact Removal of mailing address
Technical Contact Removal of mailing address and telephone number
Billing Contact Removal of all information

The email address of the Technical Contact will continue to be available on the WHOIS display in order to facilitate the troubleshooting of technical problems which may be time-sensitive.

The display of contact information such as mailing address, telephone and email address via a publicly accessible WHOIS database is a growing concern especially among individuals. The typical concerns include exposure to email/phone spamming, stalking and physical harassments. With the proposed changes in WHOIS display of information, SGNIC hopes to have a balanced approach that respects the privacy of registrants and their contact points while allowing access to the technical contact for timely resolution of technical issues.