Each number and numeric combination is unique and therefore limited.  There are some numbers being highly sought after and these limited numbers are now available for you in .sg domain names through SGNIC’s Premium Domain Name (PDN) application exercise.

In the month of October 2015, all premium numeric names that are not already registered are opened for any interested parties to apply. The application period starts from 9am 1st October 2015 to 5pm 26th October 2015. There are 2 categories : Platinum and Golden. 

Platinum are names of 1-digit numbers, namely “0”, “1”, “2” to “9”.  An example is 1.sg or 1.com.sg.  These names are available for 6 classifying extensions such as sg, com.sg, per.sg, net.sg, org.sg, edu.sg.  All extensions require applicants to meet certain eligibility criteria before they can apply with a payment of base fee**.  You may click here to read about SGNIC's registration policies.

Golden names are some combination patterns of 2-digits to 11-digits of names. These would include “28”, “111”, “12345” from a range of 2-digits to 11-digits. In celebration of SG50 in 2015, SGNIC is offering for October’s application 50% off for the base fee**. Instead of S$1000 for each name, it is now available at S$500 (subject to GST). To check if your desired combination pattern falls under this category, please refer to the combination algorithm listed below.

You can approach any of SGNIC Accredited Registrars to apply for the desired name and the filling-up of the priority claim form if you are a trademark holder of a matching numeric mark.

Details of the launch can be found in the following documents:

- Application Guidelines for Premium Domain Names

- Milestones for Premium Domain Name Application

- Premium Numeric Domain Name Algorithm

Have more questions? Check out the FAQ or email [email protected].

NOTE : ** The base price will be over and above the usual registration fee payable to your registrar.