Numeric Domain Name


What is a Numeric Domain Name?

A NDN is a domain name made up purely of numbers. Eg. or

Why is SGNIC only introducing NDNs now?

There were concerns previously that pure numeric domain names will cause operational issues arising from confusions with Internet Protocol addresses. However, with the improved technology now, operating systems and software are now able to handle such issues. More registries have also started permitting NDNs.

What is a premium NDN?

Premium NDNs are numbers which are deemed to have a greater perceived value than others. There are 3 categories of premium numbers, namely Platinum, Golden and Silver numbers. All other numbers are termed as Ordinary numbers, as shown in the table below:

Platinum Golden Silver Ordinary
  • Single-digit domain names
  • Takes the form,, and so on.
  • Only 10 such domain names in each of the domain name categories listed above.
  • Minimum base bid of S$40,000
  • Two- to 11-digit domain names
  • No fixed form, but generally has an easily-recognisable pattern like, or
  • Some 4,300 Golden permutations.
  • Minimum base bid of S$1,000
  • Three- to 11-digit domain names
  • No fixed form, but it may bear a longer pattern like, or
  • More than 12,000 Silver numeric domains available
  • Minimum base bid of S$600
  • Five- to 11-digit domain names
  • All other permutations of pure numeric domains
  • More than 100 billion pure numeric domains available.
  • Minimum base bid of S$200

A more comprehensive reference table can be found here. Minimum base bids indicated are before prevailing GST rates.

Why is it that the minimum bid price for platinum numbers is set so high at $40,000 which is far higher than the bid prices for other categories of premium numbers?

There are only 10 platinum NDNs available in each domain name category. Due to their rarity, such succinct and easily-identifiable platinum NDNs are regarded as more valuable compared to other premium and ordinary NDNs. We believe that the fees for platinum NDNs are sufficient to reflect the economic value of such domain names.

What is the purpose of an 8-week Sunrise Period?

The purpose of the sunrise period is to avoid any potential rush in applying for NDNs and also to cater for an initial period whereby the owners of trademark rights could pre-apply to claim priority for their trademark rights in respect of these new NDNs.

Are single alpha-character as available as .sg names? Has SGNIC allowed registrations of such single characters in the past? If not, when are you going to launch this?

No, SGNIC presently does not allow registrations of single alpha-character domain name. SGNIC reviews its policies regularly and may remove the restriction in future.


When will I know if my application is successful?

The results of all provisional allocation will be announced on SGNIC website. Please refer to Clause 2 of the Rules for the date of announcement.

What happens if there is an objection made against my application?

Your application will be placed on hold till a decision has been reached.

How do I register for a NDN?

You can register with any of SGNIC’s accredited registrars.

Are applications received during the Sunrise Period processed on a first-come-first-served basis?

No, all applications received during the Sunrise Period will be collected together and processed as a batch. This is to allow SGNIC to allocate the domain name according to the allocation priorities highlighted in Sections 4 and 5 of the Guidelines.

Can I register for an NDN in any domain category?

Yes, NDNs are open for all domain categories like .sg,,,,, and, i.e. both 2nd and 3rd level domains. However, you first need to ensure that you fully satisfy the criteria for registering under that category. To understand more about the criteria, you may wish to refer to the Registration Policies, Procedures and Guidelines. Foreign-based registrants have to appoint a local administrative contact or register a local office.

Is there a limit to the number of digits for NDN?

Yes, during the Soft Launch, NDNs are limited to a maximum of 11 digits. After the soft launch, the maximum number of digits for NDNs will be limited to 63 digits which is the maximum length for domain names in general.

Why does SGNIC limit NDNs to 11 digits during the soft launch?

SGNIC follows the common practice in Singapore. For example, a toll free contact number in Singapore is 1800-XXX-XXXX. Hence, SGNIC limits NDNs to 11 digits for this soft launch. After the soft launch, the maximum number of digits for NDNs will be 63 digits which is the maximum length for domain names in general.

When can I register for NDNs?

You can start registering from 5th November 9:00am onwards with any of SGNIC’s accredited registrars. However, please note that premium NDNs will only be made available during the Sunrise Period. Any premium NDNs not allocated during the Sunrise Period will be reserved by SGNIC and subsequently released again for bidding at a later suitable time.

What happens when there are multiple registrations for the same NDN?

During the Sunrise Period, if there is more than one application for the same NDN, there will be a process of priority allocations, as shown below. Priority applicants also need to submit a Priority Claim Form (to be linked to Priority Claim Form) before the end of the Sunrise Registration Period. Priority claimants recognized are holders of registered number marks; and where there are multiple applicants, to the highest bidder. Number marks need to be registered with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore.

How do you implement priority registrations?

This is best explained by the following examples:

(a) The numbers "123" is a number mark already registered in Singapore. Its proprietor submits an application to register the NDN "". There are also submissions from others applying to register "". SGNIC will allocate the NDN to the trade mark proprietor.

(b) The NDN "" is being applied for by a new registrant. There are no other applications for this NDN. SGNIC will allocate the NDN to the applicant.

Why do registered number marks get to enjoy priority over other applicants?

Owners of registered number marks or trademarks in Singapore are legally authorized to use their marks for various purposes. Their status and priority in the use of domain names/numerals similar to their marks is also recognized under the Singapore Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. They are thus given priority above other applicants.

When will my NDN be activated?

If there are no objections to your allocated NDN, your NDN will be activated on 27 March 2008.


What is the procedure to follow if I wish to lodge a complaint against SGNIC's decision in the allowing of a registration?

You can lodge an objection/complaint against SGNIC's decision by filling up an Objection Form and sending it to SGNIC. The Objection Form must be submitted within 14 calendar days from the announcement of SGNIC's allocation results. Your objection will be considered by a Panel which will decide within 30 calendar days of your submission under normal circumstances. The decision of the Panel will be final.

Online Bidding

Under what circumstances will I be called to bid for an NDN?

When there are multiple applications for the same NDN or when there are multiple priority applicants for the same NDN, applicants will be invited to bid for the NDN. The one with the highest bid will be allocated the NDN.

How do I know I need to bid?

You will be notified via an official letter/email by 17 January 2008. Training will be provided to bidders to familiarise themselves with the online bidding mechanism.


Do I still need to pay registration fees to my registrar?

Yes, on top of the allocation or final bid price, the normal domain name registration fees will still be payable to your registrar.

Why do I have to pay a bid deposit if I am bidding for a contested NDN?

The bid deposit is to ensure that all applications received (and which are subject to bidding), are sincere.

If I am successful in bidding for a name, how do I settle payment? Can my deposit be used to offset my bid price?

The final price, less the bid deposit submitted, must be paid to SGNIC before the expiry of the Bid Payment Deadline. Cheque, cashier’s order and money order are accepted. They are to be made payable to "SINGAPORE NETWORK INFORMATION CENTRE (SGNIC) PTE LTD". The applicant’s name and the NDN applied for must be indicated on the back of the cheque, cashier’s order and money order. Payment must be within 14 calendar days after.

If my bid is not successful, will my deposit be refunded?

Yes, deposits will be refunded back to applicants who are unsuccessful in their bidding.

Do the allocation fees still apply after the soft launch?

No, for non-premium NDNs, the allocation fees are only applicable during the soft launch. Premium NDNs not allocated during the Soft Launch will be reserved by SGNIC and released at regular intervals for future bidding. Allocation fees may apply during such future bidding periods at SGNIC’s sole discretion.


Are there any special NDNs which have been reserved or are not available for registrations?

The following NDNs are not available for any applications unless otherwise allowed by SGNIC:

Prefix Reserved in which category Remarks
1900 .sg, These NDNs were registered before fully numeric domain names were restricted previously.
where X represents any number from 0-9
All categories: .sg,,,,,, Emergency numbers and similar public service numbers are reserved so as to avoid any potential misuse and confusion.
1777 All categories: .sg,,,,,,
Does the Bundled Discount scheme apply for NDN applications when the General Launch occurs (i.e. from 27th March 2008 onwards)? i.e. you register a 3rd-level domain name and you get any 2nd-level domain name free for the 1st year.

The Bundled Scheme still applies. Domain names need not be matching. Some examples are shown below:

  • Register, get free
  • Register, get free
  • Register, get free
What constitutes a qualifying trademark under the NDN launch?

A qualifying trademark is a trademark which is:

  • Registered in Singapore with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore for the number sought to be registered as the NDN
  • Represented only in numerals and not being a device mark, word mark or numeral mark combined with a device or composite mark and without regard to any punctuation marks or spaces
  • Valid and subsisting in Singapore as of the date of application for the NDN