SGNIC Billing Overdue Reminder by Phone

The following is an announcement from SGNIC Billing :

Dear Domain Name Registrants,

With immediate effect, SGNIC will NOT be doing anymore reminder phone call to registrants who have overdue payments. Instead, the final notice email which is send to the domain name Administrative Contact will also be sent to email addresses of Billing and Technical Contacts and the email address found in domain name SOA record.

If you are listed as Administrative / Billing / Technical contact for any .SG domain name, we would like to ask you to help us verify your domain name record. Please go to and key in your registered domain name to retrieve the record.

In case your address or email is out dated, please send us your new particulars by email to [email protected], or by fax to +65 774 7525. For other types of changes like changing name servers, replacing a contact, please send us an update by email to [email protected] using SGNIC modification form template. Alternatively you can use SGNIC online modification form which is available under "Registration" section at SGNIC web site.

Please email [email protected] or call us at +65 774 0479 for enquiries.

Thank you.