Published Date: 3rd December 1999

Effective Date : 1st January 2000

1. All information and documents in relation to fee payment will be forwarded to the Billing Contact (as provided for in the Application Form for Domain Names).

2. Maintenance Fees (For existing domain names with SGNIC that is domain names not transferred to an Accredited Registrar.)

This fee is to be paid by the Registrants to maintain the domain names which have been registered. Currently, the Maintenance Fee for each domain name is S$60.00 regardless of the number of domain names which have been registered in the name of the Registrant.

SGNIC assumes no responsibility for any non-delivery of the reminders. All reminders shall be deemed to be sent by SGNIC;

if by mail, by properly addressing, prepaying and posting a letter containing the reminder; and if by fax or e-mail, by properly inputting the fax number or e-mail address and noting that the reminder has been transmitted by SGNIC's equipment, unless the contrary is proved, shall be deemed to have been sent at the time at which the reminder would be delivered in the ordinary course of post or transmission.

3. Transfer Fees
This fee is to be paid to SGNIC at the time when a Request to Transfer is made. The current Transfer Fee is $50.00 for each domain name transferred.

4. Reinstatement Fees (a) The Reinstatement fee of a domain name that has been deleted or rendered inactive for reasons stated in sub-clauses 21.1 of the SGNIC Domain Name Registration Agreement and is reinstated pursuant to sub-clause 21.1, is $25.00 (in addition to the normal Registration or Maintenance Fees).

6. All payments must be in Singapore Dollars (S$) and may only be made by means of a crossed cheque or bank draft made payable to "Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) Private Limited". The crossed cheque or bank draft must be drawn from a local bank. Insufficient payment or returned cheques shall be deemed to be non-payment of any fees. Post-date cheques will not be accepted and will be returned immediately.

7. All monies and fees expressed to be payable by the Registrant under this Agreement shall be exclusive of any applicable goods and services tax, imposition, duty, levy or any other payment whatsoever (hereinafter collectively called "Additional Charges") which from time to time may be imposed or charged by any government, statutory ,tax authority or any other party on or calculated by reference to the monies and fees any other sums received or receivable by SGNIC under this Agreement for whatever purpose. The Registrant shall pay to SGNIC a sum equal to the Additional Charges in respect of such of the monies and fees any other sums received or receivable by SGNIC as are chargeable to the Additional Charges immediately on SGNIC issuing an invoice or statement to the Registrant for them. In the event that stamp duty on this Agreement is payable, such stamp duty shall be borne by the Registrant.