Changes to Policies and Agreements

Why is there a need to revise the Domain Name Registration Agreement (DNRA)?

The DNRA was first introduced when SGNIC was set up in 1997. Over the years, SGNIC has introduced many services and implemented various schemes. Though the agreement was amended from time to time to reflect these changes, there has been no overall review of the agreement. This revision aims to update the rules and procedures contained within the agreement to reflect present circumstances and practices. It also simplifies the structure, layout and language of the agreement. Our aim is to make the agreement more accessible and easier to understand.  

What are the main areas that have been revised?

Provisions which are no longer applicable have been removed from the agreement and the language used has been simplified. The revised DNRA also clarifies rights and obligations of both SGNIC and registrants in connection with the application for and use of .sg domains. The revised DNRA clearly spells out what would happen if these obligations were not observed.

SGNIC has created the following documents which focus on specific issues. These documents also reflect some of the existing provisions but are now grouped together (with some new provisions) in a more logical fashion. Through these documents, registrants will get a better understanding of what is expected of them. These documents are part of the Domain Name Registration Agreement (DNRA). 

More information on each of the documents may be found by clicking the links below:

Will the revision affect my existing .sg name registrations and the use of my .sg names in any way?

No, you will not be affected if you have registered and used your names according to the rules and usage prescribed in the Agreement.

With this revision, do I need to revalidate my agreement or .sg name registration(s)?

No, you need not do anything. Your .sg name registrations will continue to be valid until the next renewal and you may continue to use the names(s) as per normal. However, the registration would be subject to the terms of the new Domain Name Registration Agreement (DNRA) from the effective date, which is 30 days from the date of publication of the new DNRA at our website.

Will there be any increase in domain name registration or renewal fees?

No, SGNIC has not increased the fees it levies on registrars for the registration or renewal of a .sg domain arising from the introduction of the new Domain Name Registration Agreement (DNRA). If you encounter any increase in fees, please ask your Registrar to clarify how the increase came about.

Will the revision subject me to more rules and restrictions?

The revision would not subject you to more rules and restrictions than at the present moment. This is even if the new Domain Name Registration Agreement (DRNA) adds more clarity to what SGNIC may do to guard against activities which can harm the integrity and security of .sg names.

Is the revised agreement and documents applied to all existing registrants?

Yes, the revised agreement and documents will apply to all registrants.

How should I go about if I have queries on the revision or on the new documents?

You may send an email to to raise your enquiry. SGNIC will attend to your query as soon as possible.